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This free PDF is the first 65 pages of my international bestselling book “You Were Not Born to Suffer” which is now translated into 12 languages.  It is helping people all over the world who could not find lasting solutions from their doctors, therapists, or religious leaders. It explains:

  • Exactly how to heal the root causes of depression, anxiety, negative thinking, guilt, frustration and illness. 
  • Exactly how to love, value, accept, forgive and trust yourselfpractically.
  • Exactly how to turn self-doubt and low self-esteem into deep self-worth, confidence and a purpose-driven life.
  • Exacltly how to shape your relationships with more understanding, connection and joy.
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I’ve now helped over 100,000 people to change their life and find deep mental, emotional and physical health. I wrote my book “You Were Not Born to Suffer” to help as many people as possible overcome negative thinking, emotional pain, and the self-destructive habits that keep us miserable, sick and trapped. I want you to understand exactly how to stop hurting yourself, how to stop allowing yourself to be hurt, and how to create a beautiful life. As someone who was tortured mentally and emotionally, lost, addicted to drugs and alcohol, and at rock bottom, I understand what it’s like to suffer and feel stuck. I figured out exactly how to heal myself and change my own life, which is what I want to share with you. I have a formal background in psychology, nutrition, herbal medicine, meditation, traditional Chinese medicine, and numerous methods that support optimal health and self-actualization. My work has now helped 10’s of thousands of people who could not find lasting solutions from conventional medicine, psychology, self-help, or religion. Click the link below and let me help you break through now.

- Blake D. Bauer

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